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Get verification

Returns the status of a verification.

Check the status of a user verification when the user is redirected back to your provided redirectUrl, which you specified when creating the verification for the user.


Affiliations of a session can be empty even if the user has a valid affiliation with entity because the entity doesn't share the affiliation data with third parties.

Query Parameters
id string REQUIRED
secretToken string REQUIRED

The verification data has been successfully returned.

id number OPTIONAL

Verification Id

created string OPTIONAL

Timestamp, when verification was created in ISO Format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss.sssZ

sessions object[] OPTIONAL

Session data for user

nameId string OPTIONAL

Persistent identifier of user for the entity

entityId string OPTIONAL

Identifier of entity

affiliations string[] OPTIONAL

Possible values: [faculty, student, staff, alum, member, affiliate, employee, library-walk-in]

Affiliations user has at entity.


Provided secretToken is not matching secretToken of verification


No verification could be found with provided verificationId. Verification might already have expired.


You have sent too many requests. Check the HTTP response headers for rate limiting details.