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Version: 0.1-alpha

Studid API

This is the API documentation for Studid.
To jump-start your integration, head straight to the Quickstart Guide.

Available Data

Studid verifications provide a unique identifier for each institution.
The verification can also provide the user's affiliation with the institution if the institution shares this information with us.


The public endpoint of the API is


The API endpoint uses versioning.
The current ALPHA version is v0.1.
The endpoint with versioning is

Rate limiting

To battle abuse of our API and deliver exceptional service and availability to all of our users, we have implemented rate limiting.
Each endpoint has its own rate limit, and you will get an HTTP response status code 429 if you exceed the rate limit. You then have to wait till the rate limit resets for that route. comment: # (TODO provide more details)


The Studid API does not need authentication nor a user account for Studid.
To secure your user's verification data, you have to provide a self selected secureToken.