Authenticate students

Studid allows your student, research and education users to authenticate natively with the SSO (Single Sign-on) Service of their institution.

The better way to authenticate

Surprise your users with Studid's seamless and fast authentication flow utilizing the user's institution SSO. Surprise yourself by easily authenticating users.


A successful authentication provides the user's unique identifier, institution, institution country and affiliation (e.g. student, professor) to their academic institution.

Global coverage

Support for more than 4500 educational and research institutions in 45 countries.

Free API

The authentication API is and will always be free to use.

Easy and fast integration

Integrate Studid by making a few API calls. You don't have to create an account.


Users will authenticate with their institution's SSO service they know and trust.

Native integration

Studid utilizes the institution's native SSO services to authenticate your users fast and seamless.

Secure authentication

By utilizing the institution SSO, we do not have to store or process the user's authentication details or any private information.
Native Authentification

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Delight every user

We support most educational and research institutions worldwide.

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Seconds to authentication

inner workings

How Studid authenticates your users

We authenticate users with their institutions using the SAML Protocol.

Studid is a registered service provider for the German DFN-AAI federation. This affiliation allows Studid to authenticate users with all German institutions (identity providers) over SAML.

DFN-AAI is itself also a participant of the eduGAIN interfederation service that connects identity federations around the world. This allows Studid to also authenticate users with all institutions which federations are participating in eduGAIN.

The SAML authentication flow will look like:

  1. Studid creates a signed SAML request for your user
  2. User is forwarded with the SAML request to the institution
  3. User authenticates with institution
  4. Institution signs and encrypts user data and redirects user with this data back to Studid
  5. Studid verifies integrity of SAML response and saves response data

Product updates

We will keep you updated on new features and significant changes.

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